Three Medical Programs

The Modern Physical is a product of The David Drew Clinic in Chevy Chase, Maryland. It is a system of comprehensive medical evaluations tailored to meet an individual’s health characteristics. Developed over the last 20 years, its goal is to maximize health and longevity by finding major medical problems early, when survival is possible.

The Modern Physical uses state-of-the-art medical diagnostic tools – biochemistry, body imaging, cardiac evaluations, and genetics – to search in depth for medical problems and vulnerabilities. Tests are selected with the aid of a big-data-derived algorithm to maximize effectiveness while minimizing cost. Tests far exceed the limited evaluations performed during most routine check-ups.

At the David Drew Clinic, Modern Physical surveillance is provided as part of three programs of service to best dovetail with your health care needs:

Modern Physical by David Drew. This basic program provides Modern Physical surveillance and interpretation only. It is intended to supplement your and your doctor’s knowledge of your medical status to inform your ongoing health optimization plan. Based upon your health history and prior medical test results, a surveillance program is developed and conducted. Results are provided in a written report and in a follow-up telephone discussion with a Modern Physical physician.

David Drew Executive Physical. This program provides enhanced Modern Physical surveillance in conjunction with a complete evaluation and examination by your personal David Drew Clinic physician. It is appropriate for executives and other individuals who seek a thorough and integrated evaluation of their health but who will receive ongoing care elsewhere. The David Drew Executive Physical program provides a complete health assessment and a subsequent action plan developed by your David Drew physician to address problems and deficiencies that are detected.

David Drew Complete Care. The David Drew Complete Care program is a all-inclusive health care solution. It provides all elements of the David Drew Executive program, including enhanced Modern Physical surveillance, evaluation and examination, and development of a health improvement plan. In addition, it provides a close relationship with your personal David Drew Clinic physician to implement and adjust your health optimization plan and to provide 24/7/365 internal medicine services for illness, routine vaccinations, prescriptions, etc.



The David Drew Clinic is conveniently and centrally located within the Washington, DC, metropolitan area in Chevy Chase, Maryland. This location is readily accessible by car, with validated parking on site. It is located adjacent to the Friendship Heights Metrorail station on the Red Line.

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