What's included?

Well, just about everything, when performed annually. The Modern Physical is the most comprehensive way to find out what’s inside you. It learns about you and, over time, adapts to use all of the tests listed below. See how it compares to your other options:

The Modern Physical

Executive Physical

Concierge Physical

Regular Physical

Body Scan

Cardiovascular disease surveillance

Heart artery imaging

Carotid (neck) artery imaging

Brain aneurysm detection

Aortic aneurysm surveillance

Structural heart evaluation

Treadmill stress testing

Advanced risk factor analysis

Cancer surveillance

Internal body organ imaging

Lung imaging

Brain imaging

PSA blood test (men)

Blood biochemical cancer marker panel

Genetic analysis

Cancer susceptibility genetics

Neurological disease susceptibility

General health assessment

Organ biochemistry

Thyroid function

Hepatitis surveillance

Viral susceptibility/immunity

Prediabetes testing

Vitamin deficiency

Testosterone (men)

Bone density

Intelligent features

Comprehensive written report

Big-data driven program customization

Interactive explanation by physician

Integration with primary care physician

The Modern Physical is an integral part of the executive and complete primary care/enhanced surveillance programs provided at the David Drew Clinic.

Modern Physical preventive services required by law to be covered by your health insurer are provided without charge. Certain common services, such as mammography and colonoscopy, are typically prescribed by your physician and fully reimbursed by your health insurer; hence, they are not included in Modern Physical testing programs.

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Of course, your program would be customized on the basis of your individual and family medical history.