An intelligent physical

The core of The Modern Physical is a computer-assisted, intelligent algorithm that decides how to best use high-tech surveillance to protect your health.

Over time, the algorithm learns progressively more about you, your biology, and your lifestyle. Each year, it devises a new plan of inspection that is unique to you. Then it examines the results and proposes solutions.

The results of your surveillance, together with suggested courses of action if needed, empower your physician to help you optimize your health.

Plaque in heart’s arteries?

The Modern Physical is intelligent because, well, it has to be to keep track of so many problems waiting to happen.

Causes of Death

Cancer More than 50 types

Vascular Diseases Heart attack, stroke, aneurysm

Everything Else Diabetes, infections, etc.

We’re in a battle with chance and nature’s changing course. So many diseases and conditions threaten our life and happiness. Despite standard physicals, a third of us die a decade or more short of our expected lifespan. And most of us are physically unprepared for later life’s challenges.

That’s where The Modern Physical steps in to assist. It monitors for hundreds of emerging diseases and conditions by sensibly applying modern surveillance methods to your health.

The Challenges of Later Life



Muscle Weakness


Dementia by age 85


Pancreatic cancer blood marker?
Genetic risk for Alzheimer’s disease?

The Modern Physical needs to be intelligent because everybody is unique.

Each of us has a unique set of genes, different occupations and habits. We have existing medical problems and patterns of environmental exposures. Our family’s medical histories differ. Even our age and gender factor into our health risks.

The Modern Physical algorithm captures and uses all of your individual features to create and analyze the results of your surveillance plan. And over time, an ever-expanding knowledge of you makes The Modern Physical even more intelligent.

Aneurysm enlarging?

The Modern Physical intelligently optimizes efficiency

That’s important, because medical testing can be costly and time-consuming.

For each potential problem, the algorithm considers its probability of developing based on population odds and your specific characteristics. It takes into account how the problem behaves over time and the sensitivity of testing to detect it.

The algorithm is prioritized. It collects the most important information about you first. We need to know the current state of your vital organs and critical arteries at the outset. Then in subsequent years, we continue vital surveillance, build on initial information and collect other data that is important but not immediately needed. This way, the program is both effective and affordable.

The Modern Physical is intelligent because you only get one chance.

It’s critical to find problems early, when they can be cured. Most cancers have a defined window of opportunity for cure. After that, it’s too late. Arterial plaque buildup can be stopped, and possibly reversed, if caught at the beginning. Later on, we can only slow its growth. Lose too much bone or muscle mass and it’s often too late to rebuild.

In health, there are no do-overs. To insure your best chance for survival, The Modern Physical algorithm is designed to learn, and not just about you. It tracks emerging disease trends. And it is highly adaptive, incorporating new surveillance technology and strategies as they come online.

How The Modern Physical Works in Detail

Explore the intricacies of the Modern Physical’s detection and prediction methods in the links below.